PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tournament Features Insane Grenade Throw

It turns out that grenade beats rock...

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ burgeoning competitive scene hasn’t exactly set the world of eSports ablaze. The game’s structure can make it somewhat difficult to ensure that the cameras are always focused on the action. For that matter, there’s not always a guarantee that there will be a lot of action throughout the game in the first place. 

Every now and then, though, PUBG provides a true highlight that proves it is capable of becoming a truly entertaining venue for competitive gaming. That’s exactly what happened at the recent IEM tournament in Oakland.

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In the clip above, you’ll see 31 remaining combatants square off in an increasingly small play area that doesn’t offer much cover. In fact, Team Evil Geniuses seems to have round the best cover available. They’ve put their back to the play area border and their fronts to a large rock. This leaves them needing to watch their sides. 

On their side is a player by the name of Edakulous. Now, Edakulous knows that his path to success goes right through team Evil Geniuses and quite a few other players. He’s trying to take pot shots at them, but it’s clear he can’t match their combined firepower. 

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Instead, he chooses to throw a grenade. That might sound especially effective, but grenades in PUBG are more like deterrents. They’re incredibly difficult to use with precision, but they’re a great way to ensure that nobody is camping upstairs waiting for you to appear. 

However, Edakulous happens to land the one-in-a-million, holy hand grenade throw of the century on Team Evil Geniuses. His grenade lands perfectly in the middle of all three remaining team members and wipes them out in one go. 

You may be wondering why anybody would ever just stand there and eat a grenade, but Edakulous clearly knew that Evil Geniuses’ only path to escape was through enemy fire. Besides, they likely never thought that someone would be able to throw such a perfectly placed grenade while they themselves are under fire. 

It’s likely going to be a long time before you see anyone replicate this throw.