Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer, Release Date, New Director

Here's everything you need to know about Pitch Perfect 3...

The Pitch Perfect series has been one of the most successful comedy film frachises of all time, so it’s no surprise that Pitch Perfect 3 is a go.

Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer

“They really do need to join the work force.”

The trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 is here! In it, we see that the Barden Bellas are out in the “real world” and not having such a good time of it. After Beca quits her job, the group admits how much they need one another and their singing. So they head off to Europe, of course, where Aubrey has secured the Bellas a spot on a USO tour competition.

From the looks of this trailer, the Pitch Perfect universe is going bigger than ever. Check it out…

Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date

Pitch Perfect 3 is going to arrive in December 2017. 

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Pitch Perfect 3 Cast

Cast members returning for Pitch Perfect 3 include: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld and Rebel Wilson. 

Pitch Perfect 3 New Director

Elizabeth Banks pulled out of directing Pitch Perfect 3 – having steered Pitch Perfect 2 to box office success. With the director of the original film, Jason Moore, also unable to return.

Trish Sie, who helmed Step Up All In, as well as music videos for Ok Go, took on the job. Mike White has penned the latest draft of the screenplay.