Paranoia Trailer, Starring Hemsworth, Ford

It's all about double crossing your competition...and when the competitors are Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman, we get Paranoia, the new thriller from director Robert Luketic.

Paranoia is an upcoming thriller starring a bald-headed Harrison Ford, a playboy Liam Hemsworth, and a suited up Sawyer from Lost (Josh Holloway), as well as Gary Oldman and Amber Heard (both of whom are fun to watch in their own ways). And today, we have received the first official trailer for the film.

The film is based on a novel written by Joseph Finder, in which an entry-level employee at a powerful corporation gets an offer to move up in the world, but at the cost of spying on his boss’s biggest competitor and also his former mentor.

Paranoia looks like more than just another corporation-based action/thriller, but that might be because of the star quality of the film’s actors. We can’t wait to see what happens when you put Ford and Oldman on screen together!

For now, check out the trailer for Paranoia, and comment with your thoughts in the Disqus section below!

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