Paramount confirms new Friday The 13th movie

A follow-up to the reboot of Friday The 13th has been confirmed for a 2015 release...

This isn’t quite adding another blockbuster to the 2015 quagmire, but Paramount will nonetheless be confident of turning a profit on this one. We’re talking about the sequel to the reboot of Friday The 13th, which has now been confirmed by the studio. Furthermore, a release date has been announced in the US, too. The new movie will be with us on March 13th 2015. Which just happens to be a Friday the 13th, helpfully.

There’s no further details on this one, short of it’s the first in the series since Warner Bros did a deal that involved the rights heading Paramount’s way. Platinum Dunes is producing again, but there’s no director in place that we know of yet.

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