Operation Finale: Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac on the Truth of Nazi Hunting

We sat down with Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac to discuss the importance of the true story elements behind Operation Finale.

Based on a true story; it’s a phrase we’ve seen so many times that we hardly pay attention to it anymore. More often than not, it just means someone got the rights to a story and ended up filling it with outrageous, unthinkable plot points, all while erasing the more embarrassing true events. Unless you’re the Coen Brothers, who famously used the phrase in Fargo (a film that was mainly all fiction) to illustrate just how unbelievable real crimes can be, there is not much truth to rely on when you see those words.

That is, until now. Operation Finale is a new film that can actually say that the almost unfathomable circumstances behind its tale are mostly true! From the true events of the capture and extraction of Adolf Eichmann (Sir Ben Kingsley), one of the major architects of the Third Reich’s “Final Solution” during the Holocaust, to his Israeli trial for his crimes in 1960, Operation Finale is rife with details pulled straight from reality. From almost outlandish background of the family that first tipped the Mossad to Eichmann’s wearabouts, to the special eyewear Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) and his team make Eichmann wear whilst captured; it is all authentic. Even the throwaway line Malkin spits out as he puts on some gloves in preparation to grab Eichman off the street is genuine.

We had the chance to chat with the film’s stars and director (Chris Weitz), talking about the real life events that inspired the film, and to discuss with Sir Ben the task of taking on a role and putting out such an exceptional performance of a man who has no redeeming values.

It is a fascinating group of conversations with filmmakers and actors who have participated in multiple films about genocide and oppression in the past, yet here all find something akin to solace and justice, and a film where the victim is no longer victimized. Finally.

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