News round-up: Big Momma’s House, Fast & Furious 5, The Thing, Arthur, Death Race, Zack Snyder

Beware: Martin Lawrence has confirmed Big Momma’s House 3. Plus more on The Thing prequel, the Arthur remake and the sequel to Death Race…

* Crikey, this is scary. Martin Lawrence has confirmed that he’s donning the fat suit and a dress again for Big Momma’s House 3. The promising Brandon T Jackson, one of the highlights of the recent Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, is being dragged into the film too. Please, to the cinema-going public: don’t go and see this one. That way they won’t make a fourth…

* The fifth Fast & Furious movie has been officially named and dated. It’s going to be called Fast Five – that sounds like some kind of fruit drink or something? – and it’s arriving in cinemas on June 10th 2011. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are both returning.

* The forthcoming new The Thing movie is going to be a prequel story, it’s been confirmed. Actor Joel Edgerton revealed to What’s Playing that the film will focus on the Norwegian base station. That’s the one that’s revealed in the original film has been hit before the Thing itself made its way to the American base station. Shooting is starting shortly, with Matthijs van Hiejningen Jr calling the shots.  Find more here.

* The remake of Arthur is pressing ahead, and it’s now found its director. Jason Winner, who has helmed ABC’s terrific sitcom Modern Family, will be stepping behind the camera for the project. Russell Brand will star, and the script has been written by Peter Baynham. No word yet on when production will start.

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* A straight to video sequel to Death Race has begun shooting. The cast sounds quite impressive for a DVD movie, though, with Sean Bean and Ving Rhames on board. So’s Luke Goss. We’d imagine Death Race 2 will be on DVD before the end of the year.

* Zack Snyder’s next movie has had a name change. The Watchmen helmer is hard at work at what was once called Guardians Of Ga’Hoole. It’s now switched moniker to Legend Of The Guardians. It’s due out in September.