New writer hired for Spider-Man reboot

Sony’s Spider-Man movie heads before the cameras later this year, but not before another script polish, it seems…

The story thus far, for those who missed it all. Last year, Sony pulled the plug on Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, which was to see the return of Tobey Maguire, this time battling John Malkovich as The Vulture. After checking out the circa-$250m price tag for the movie, and following disagreements with Raimi, Sony pulled the plug on the project, instead opting to go with a far cheaper reboot (the suggested budget is $80m).

The first upshot of that is that the new Spider-Man film is arriving in 2012 rather than 2011. And then Marc Evans – fresh from the success of (500) Days Of Summer – signed on to direct.

The film itself is going back to basics, with a 17-year-old Peter Parker in the midst of high school, and the script had been written by James Vanderbilt (who penned the terrific Zodiac). We’ve no idea who will be playing Spidey, but it seems that Logan Lerman is out of the running, given that he signed up for Paul W S Anderson’s Three Musketeers movie last week.

The latest update on the project, fresh from Heat Vision, is that Sony has now signed up Alvin Sargent to beef up the script for the new Spider-Man, which is set to be the start of a brand new trilogy.

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Sargent, who previously wrote Ordinary People, among many others, has been involved in every Spider-Man movie to date, and had been working on the abandoned Spider-Man 4. For the new reboot, Sony has hired him to do a “production polish” ahead of the film’s shoot later this year. It doesn’t sound like major work, more a little bit of beefing up here and there.

Here‘s more on the story at Heat Vision.