New Ultraman Movie Coming From Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno

The creator of Evangelion and co-director of Shin Godzilla is taking on a live-action Ultraman movie!


Get in the Ultraman, Shinji! With Evangelion in the news recently thanks to it streaming on Netflix, it’s a delightful time to hear that Hideaki Anno (the creator of Evangelion) will be working on a new entry in the Ultraman franchise. Shin Ultraman will be based on the classic 1966 tokusatsu series that featured the titular Ultraman fighting against giant space monsters.

Anno will be joined by Shinji Higuchi, who along with Anno were co-directors of the 2016 film Shin Godzilla. Anna will serve as writer and Higuchi will head up production. Masami Nagasawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima and Takumi Saito have signed to star. The release is set for 2021, with Tsuburaya Production, Toho and Khara producing. Thanks to Variety for their report on this one.

Anna is currently working on his long awaited Evangelion 4.0 Final film, which is set to be the last in the “Remake of the Evangelion” franchise. Once he’s finished with Evangelion 4.0 Final he plans to devote himself full-time to Shin Ultraman.

This isn’t the first time Anno has crossed paths with Ultraman. In college Anno made a parody film of Ultraman entitled “Return of Ultraman” which you can watch below. From fan film to official film!

It’s a good time to be an Ultraman fan, with the entire series set to drop on home media in North America. This film is also most likely part of Tsuburaya’s overall plan to increase Ultraman’s popularity with older fans and even increase it’s foot print in America ahead of the proposed American live-action film. If you want to learn more about that, check out our interview with Jeff Gomez who is helping to bring the long running franchise to the states.

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Hopefully *NSYNC will make a cameo along the way.

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