New TRON 3 Details Surface

TRON 3 would have been known as TRON: Ascension, and the script was around 80% done when Disney dropped the project.

Ultimately, when Disney sank its funds into Lucasfilm, and opted to make a lot of Star Wars movies, it probably ended right there the chances of it spending big again on a further TRON sequel. Director Joseph Kosinski, who made his directorial debut with TRON: Legacy, had been developing a TRON 3. But after signs that it was heading towards production, the brakes were ultimately applied. Disney, it seemed, was done with TRON.

In a new interview with Collider, Kosinksi has shed some light on the film that he was planning to make. Describing it as in “cryogenic freeze,” he said that the project wasn’t dead, but also, there’s little sign of it moving forward.

TRON 3 would have been called TRON: Ascension, Kosinski confirmed, and at the point the plug was pulled, the script was at “about 80%.”

“We were probably eight or nine months out, which is still a good amount of distance from being ready to shoot it, but I think the script was in good shape,” Kosinski told Collider. “What I’m excited about is the concept, which is an invasion movie from inside the machine coming out as opposed to one we’ve usually seen.”

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“We hinted at that at the end of Legacy with Quorra coming out, but the idea for Ascension was a movie that was, the first act was in the real world, the second act was in the world of TRON, or multiple worlds of TRON, and the third act was totally in the real world,” Kosinski said. “And I think that really opens up, blows open the concept of TRON in a way that would be thrilling to see on screen.”

Furthermore, there would have been challenges for the character of Quorra in working out just where she fitted in.

With Disney’s live action slate concerned with Marvel, Star Wars, and animated remakes primarily, the chances of TRON: Ascension pressing forward anytime soon are extremely slim. There are some more details over at Collider, though.