New trailer for Richard Kelly’s The Box

Could this be the most intriguing thriller of the year? Catch the latest trailer for Cameron Diaz in The Box right here…

How’s this for a high concept idea for a thriller? The Box works on a simple premise. A box arrives at Cameron Diaz’s door. Shortly afterwards, up turns Richard Nixon Frank Langella, who explains that if Diaz pushes the button in the box, that someone, somewhere in the world will die as a result. In return, however, cash-strapped Diaz will receive a million dollars. So what do you do?

Firstly, of course, you face the challenge of spinning such a premise out into a feature length movie (and ideally not gab about the ending at Comic-Con), but that’s where the film’s potential trump card comes in. Behind the camera is Richard Kelly, who is both directing and has written the screenplay based on Robert ‘I Am Legend‘ Matheson’s short story, Button, Button. Kelly, best known, of course, for Donnie Darko, has fashioned a 115 minute thriller out of the material, and certainly has the capability to turn it into an intriguing movie. It certainly, on the basis of the film’s latest trailer, also looks like his most mainstream piece to date.

The new trailer, however, isn’t radically different from the one seen earlier this year, although it does introduce the key elements, and does throw some really quite creepy visuals into the mix. That said, there’s a bit of us that’d like this kind of film to be served up cold: the trailer here doesn’t seem to give everything away, to be fair, but we’d still like to have met some of the visuals here for the first time on a bigger screen. If you’re the kind of person who feels the same way, it might be an idea to give this one a miss.

The Box arrives in the US on 6th November, and the UK on 4th December. Australia gets this one first, with a 29 October release date marked.

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And if you’re keen to find out more, here’s that trailer right here…