National Lampoon’s Vacation: about to be remade?

Fans of the Chevy Chase original might want to cover their eyes: there’s now talk of a brand new National Lampoon’s Vacation…

The latest film from the past to be jolted back to life ready for some kind of remake/reimagining/sequel is set to be National Lampoon’s Vacation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The site is reporting that the new film would look to follow the antics of Clark Griswold’s (played, of course, by the mighty Chevy Chase) son, Rusty. Rusty was portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall in the original film, but we’d wager he won’t be getting the call should this project get off the ground. Look instead for someone such as Vince Vaughn or Paul Rudd as somewhere near the top of the list.

The film will thus see Rusty take his own family on the kind of road trip that we saw in the original, and we’d wager hard cash on a role for Chevy Chase being written in there somewhere.

Perhaps the most promising thing about the idea – and let’s be clear, we don’t think this is a promising idea – is that David Dobkin is apparently attached to produce and direct it. Dobkin was previously responsible for Wedding Crashers, a still very funny if slightly too long comedy. And his presence alone could make the project just a little bit worthwhile.

That said, it’s still all in the early planning stages, and a full screenplay has yet to be started. So don’t expect to hear much more on this one for quite a while yet…

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