MoviePass Films Signs Bruce Willis in First Movie, 10 Minutes Gone

MoviePass is about to start producing movies, beginning with 10 Minutes Gone, a heist thriller that just signed Bruce Willis to star.

MoviePass might be struggling these days to provide subscribers with more than a handful of movies they’d like to see in a given month, however they are still pressing along with their next venture: producing actual films.

It was first reported by Deadline that MoviePass Films has signed Bruce Willis to star in 10 Minutes Gone, MoviePass’ first film, which is being produced by MoviePass CEOs and co-founders Randall Emmett, George Furla, and Ted Farnsworth. The film further has Brian A. Miller, who’s teamed with Willis previously for a number of smaller films, including The Prince and Vice, and is working from a screenplay by Kevin Mao and Jeff Jingle. Meadow Williams (Boss Level) is also already attached to appear in the picture.

The logline for 10 Minutes Gone is after a bank heist goes awry, the mastermind is hit in the head and loses his memory of the previous 10 minutes… making it impossible for him to know who sabotaged the job and stole his money. Worse, he is being pursued by a crime boss who wants his money back. A crime boss played by Bruce Willis.

Willis, despite some diminished star power, is still undoubtedly a movie star. One who is getting a new burst of interest and support after signing on to appear in Glass, a long-anticipated sequel to Unbreakable. It is also a reunion with one of Willis’ best directorial partners, M. Night Shyamalan. With that said, this is a bold doubling down of MoviePass’ strategy after a month of bad press that culminated with rate hikes for subscribers and the inability to see most new wide releases on opening weekend—as well as a limiting of three films per month for each subscriber.

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MoviePass Films, a subsidiary to MoviePass and its parent company Helios & Matheson’s Analytics, are pushing ahead with the project which lists Emmett, Furla, and Lydia Hall as producers, and Farnsworth, Mitch Lowe, Ted Fox, Mark Stewart, Arnaud Lannic, Barry Brooker, and Stan Wertlieb as executive producers.