Michael McIntyre Live & Laughing DVD review

Michael McIntyre talks through his man drawer, adjectives for drunkenness and more in his debut stand-up DVD...

Michael McIntyre - Live And Laughing

Happily playing on his posh-man persona, Michael McIntyre’s debut stand-up DVD is a delight, and offers ample proof as to why he’s one of the nation’s fast rising comedy talents. What’s more, he proves that he can seamlessly move between generating laughs on panel shows, to holding a full audience with a stand-up gig.

His set doesn’t have a great deal of edge to it, but it is very, very funny. As he paces the stage, he sets off very well by talking about the need for a man to have his own drawer, pulling many laughs by discussing the contents of it (including, natch, a tape measure that snaps back). Then it’s how irrelevant nouns can be adapted to tell the world you’re drunk (“I’m bungalowed!” he proclaims). He takes in why people never believe cash points are out of order, ordering from a take-away menu, low cost tractors and his newborn son too.

None of this is particularly radical, as you’d expect, but in McIntyre’s hands, it’s extremely funny. His comfort on stage helps enormously, and he delivers his material with real gusto, and a knack for comedy timing. There’s a tempo to the gig that comes across from the DVD, and while he doesn’t come back for the traditional encore, it’s one of the funnier stand-up DVDs of the year (and 2008, unusually, has had many of them). Interestingly, there’s not too much audience interaction here, and whether that’s just been cut from the DVD is a little unclear. The few moments where he does talk to his crowd work well, and we’d have liked to have seen more of them. But that’s a ridiculously minor quibble.

The DVD itself was turned around in about a month (the gig itself was filmed in early Autumn), and that perhaps explains the lack of too many frills. There’s a specially-filmed, and wholly-unnecessary introduction where McIntrye goes from a posh house to the gig, and no tour documentary or anything of that ilk. What is included though, and is very welcome indeed, is McIntryre’s spot on Live At The Apollo. One or two comics have included their appearance on this show on their DVDs this year, and it’s a terrific extra to have. McIntyre’s turn is very funny, and well worth giving a spin to.

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It might not, then, be the most packed DVD, nor one with much fancy about it at all. But it has at its heart a strong stand-up performance from a performer we’d happily buy such a DVD from every Christmas. Warmly recommended.

The Feature:

4 stars
The Extras:
2 stars


4 out of 5