Michael Caine on the next Batman movie

Alfred himself, Michael Caine, speculates on the villain in the Dark Knight follow up, and whether Christopher Nolan will be involved…

Is The Dark Knight cursed?

Michael Caine is currently doing a promotional tour in the States for his new film, Is Anybody There. And as part of that, he was interviewed by Collider, who has put to him a couple of questions about the next Batman movie.

Caine reckons that Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film – which apparently Nolan hasn’t yet signed up for, incidentally – is still some way off. That’s down to the fact that Nolan is currently making Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio for release next year. Caine does say that when asked if he thinks Nolan will do another Bat movie, “I imagine so”, and he joined in too on the speculation as to who the villain would be. “That would probably be The Riddler,” he notes.

It’s unclear, of course, whether Caine is basing that on something he knows or something that he’s guessing at. But it is clear that he’s signed up to another Batman movie as Alfred, and it does seem that Christopher Nolan will once more be steering the ship.

You can read the full interview, where Caine also has his say on Christian Bale’s legendary outburst, right here

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