Michael B. Jordan to Star in Hitman Actioner The Silver Bear

The Silver Bear will see Michael B. Jordan star as an elite assassin in what could become a film franchise.

Michael B. Jordan might just be on the verge of giving Dwayne Johnson a run for his money as Hollywood’s most ubiquitous action film star. The actor has nabbed a starring role in another prospective action franchise, having just been cast in a Lionsgate film adaptation of the popular novel series, The Silver Bear.

Jordan’s casting in The Silver Bear, as reported by Deadline, will see Jordan star as a shadowy assassin who calls himself Columbus but is known as a bit of a boogeyman in the Russian criminal underworld as the assassin, the Silver Bear. The film is based on the initial entry in the novel series of author Derek Haas, who also wrote the screenplays for films like Wanted, 3:10 to Yuma (2007), 2 Fast 2 Furious and Invincible. While a director has yet to be appointed, the screenplay adapting Haas’s novel will be written by Frank Baldwin (The Godmother).

Star Michael B. Jordan will also serve as a producer, via Outlier Society joined by Vishal Rungta of Nickel City Pictures, Mark Fasano and Ankur Rungta. Author Haas will serve as executive producer, joined in that capacity by Michael Garnett and Tobias Weymar.

As Nickel City’s Rungta states of Jordan’s casting:

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“We could not be more excited to work with Michael and Lionsgate. We have been huge fans of Michael all the way back to his days in The Wire, and from our first meeting we knew that he was the perfect fit for the role of Columbus.”

Haas’s The Silver Bear series launched with the eponymous first novel in 2008, in which the titular hitman becomes embroiled in a dangerous political game when he takes on the assignment of killing a presidential-aspiring Speaker of the House. While hitman Columbus earned the name Silver Bear because he never fails and is immune to stressors of the job, that nom de guerre gets tested, since this target also happens to be his own father. Consequently, Columbus’s actions eventually make him a target of the criminal cabal that he once served. – Of course, genre precedence dictates that their fates will be brutally sealed if they kill his dog.

Haas’s The Silver Bear novels continued with potential film sequel fodder in 2009’s The Hunt for the Bear, 2011’s Dark Men and 2015’s A Different Life.

The Silver Bear will join Michael B. Jordan’s enviable backlog (not counting a recent Superman rumor), which recently gained another action franchise since he is talks to star in Tom Clancy adaptation, Without Remorse and sequel Rainbow Six. He put in an acclaimed performance as villain Erik Killmonger in this past February’s Marvel movie, Black Panther. Pertinent to that, he’s set to reunite with his Fruitvale Station/Creed/Black Panther director Ryan Coogler for a drama, called Wrong Answer. He’s also set to co-star in the January 2020-scheduled drama, Just Mercy, along with fellow Marvel actor Brie Larson, Jamie Foxx and Tim Blake Nelson. He’ll next be seen in Creed II, which arrives on November 21.

We’ll keep you updated on The Silver Bear as the details become available.

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