Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard on Gold

Corporate and environmental greed are at the forefront of the new film, Gold.

The money is humming along for Matthew McConaughey who finds himself in another film about the recklessness of excess. Instead of herding wolves, McConaughey found a wealth of minerals in his latest starring role in Stephen Gaghan’s Gold.

The film follows Kenny Wells (McConaughey), a mining company heir, who teams up with geologist Mike Acosta (Edgar Ramirez) to uncover a new source of funds that lead Wells down the path of greed and ultimately self-destruction. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Wells’ longtime girlfriend who struggles with her partner’s newfound financial glory.

In a sitdown interview, we chat with Howard about her character’s juxtaposition to Kenny Wells. McConaughey tells us about how he mined his past in creating the character of Kenny Well, giving us a can’t-miss anecdote from his childhood.

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Gold is currently playing in theaters. 

McConaughey went a little more in-depth on his character, as he typically does, in the full interview. Watch it below…

And here’s the full interview with Howard: 

Bryce Dallas Howard on Gold by denofgeek