Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody?

Kevin Smith has plans to reunite a few old friends in his final film as director, Hit Somebody. Even Bruce Willis might get the call…

As he embarks on his tour around the US to sell his new film, Red State, Kevin Smith has taken part in a live chat at MTV, in which he’s outlined some of his plans for his next feature, Hit Somebody.

Hit Somebody is set to be Smith’s last film as director (although, contrary to what some are saying, he absolutely won’t be ducking out of the film business), and he describes it as “an analogous tale to my time in film”.

Centred around hockey and based on a song by Mitch Albom, the film will spread across the 1950s through to the 1980s, and Smith is now likening it to a Muppet flick, in that he’s looking to bring back people he’s worked with in the past for roles in the feature.

This specifically includes Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and Smith also said, “I’m not even ruling out [Bruce] Willis as this point. I’d duck. But I’d put a stick in Willis’ hand.”

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Given what Smith had to stay about working with Bruce Willis before (which you can read about here), we’d be surprised the offer to pick up said stick was taken!

Smith’s work on the script for the film is still ongoing, and it sounds as ambitious a project as he’s tackled. For now, his Red State tour will continue around the US for the next few months, and you can find more details on that at

And you can get a replay of the MTV chat right here.

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