Marvel’s The Avengers heads into production

Iron Man. Captain America. Thor. Hulk. Black Widow. Nick Fury. The Avengers are together, and heading before the cameras right now...

Right now, the chatter with regards Marvel movies is surrounding the imminent release of both Thor and Captain America. Yet it’s a fair bet that this time next year, we might just be a teeny bit excited about the idea of The Avengers movie.

In fact, scrub that, it’s hard not to be excited now, albeit tempered a little by wondering just how it can all work. For this is the movie where Marvel brings its superheroes together under one roof, with the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye all doing battle.

What, of course, makes the prospect of the film particularly promising, is the choice of Joss Whedon to direct it. And it’s Whedon who has revealed that the shoot of the film has now begun.

In fact, he revealed it a day or so back, but we’ve been away for a few days, so when he said that “Tomorrow we start shooting” over at Whedonesque, we think it’s now safe to assume that he has, indeed, begun rolling the cameras.

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The Avengers is due out in May 2012, and is set to kick off arguably the most competitive summer for movies in a long, long time. So, no pressure, then…