Marvel increases the budget of Iron Man 3

After the massive success of The Avengers, Marvel stumps up more cash for the upcoming Iron Man 3...

Filming has begun on Iron Man 3, and it appears that the success of The Avengers will have an impact on the production. For starters, after all, it’s the first Marvel movie post-Joss Whedon’s massive hit. Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is thus charged with following that, and delivering the best Iron Man movie to date. No pressure, then.

But he’s getting some extra help from Marvel. Off the back of the succes of The Avengers, Black’s budget has been increased from an already sizeable $140m to $200m. Obviously all the important elements such as script should be in place given that shooting is underway, but the additional budget should enable Black to ensure that things such as the effects deliver in terms of spectacle. It might pay for some better sarnies on set, too.

We’ll keep you posted as to how the production of Iron Man 3 is getting along…

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