March Monster Madness FINALS: Mothra vs. Gamera

After two unbelievable upsets, there are only two kaiju left standing in March Monster Madness. It's Mothra vs. Gamera for giant monster supremacy!

You never thought it was gonna happen, right? It was all but certain that Godzilla and King Ghidorah would be squaring off for total kaiju supremacy, right? WRONG!!! Remember last year around this time when everyone was convinced it was gonna be the Marlins and the Angels in the World Series? How did THAT work out, huh? They say in baseball, “that’s why you play the games.” But, for our giant, scaly monster purposes, let’s just say, “that’s why you have the incredibly destructive battles that flatten cities and kill untold thousands of innocent bystanders.” But now, enjoy the greatest moments that these two underdogs have ever had: It’s GAMERA vs. MOTHRA in the March Monster Madness Final! The poll is at the bottom of the page, below all of the INSANE KAIJU VIDEOS!!!! Voting closes Thursday, April 4th, at 11 p.m. EST. (polls have closed)


Swooping in with a ridiculously close 52% of the vote…your 2013 March Monster Madness SUPREME KAIJU is…..


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Now…how the heck are we supposed to honor her? 


We KNEW Mothra would make it into the Finals! But we had no idea she would be facing such an honest, good, and worthy opponent such as Gamera. And Gamera is a great guy (errr…turtle) but we still think Mothra trumps Turtle Power anyday. And in our Final Battle for Monster Supremacy we think Mothra will turn Gamera into a delicious pot of turtle soup. Why? Well, check out her Top 10 moments and fun facts below. Mothra deserves to win Toho Monster Madness!

10. Mothra Style Diplomacy: Mothra and Battra settle their differences to defeat Godzilla

Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for Earth (1992)

Mothra is the kind of monster that tries diplomacy first and ass-kicking later. And trust us. A moth wins friends and allies more with honey than she does vinegar. Her diplomatic skills serve her very well in this case when she is able to enlist the help of her doppelganger and together they destroy Godzilla. Not bad for a moth who would make Captain Planet proud of passion for the environment.

9. Mothra vs King Ghidorah Part 1

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Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

Mothra has faced off against the dreaded King Ghidorah multiple times. In this instance she joins together with just about every other monster in the Toho universe to fight this bastard. And why? Because Mothra is a team player who always fights against evil and oppression. She’s practically the giant moth version of Superman, if Superman were about 20% cooler.

8. Mothra Battles Underwater

Rebirth of Mothra II (1997)

You would think that poor Mothra would be powerless underwater. Because you know…she’s a moth. And though I am not an entomologist nor am I a moth expert, I just assume that moths do poorly in ocean situations. But not Rainbow Mothra! Mothra is just kinda cool like that because she can shape shift. She is defeated as “Leo Mothra” and revived by her priestesses to become Rainbow Mothra! Dagahra leaps into the water thinking he can hide from Mothra. But NO! Mothra just dives in becoming AquaMothra. This woman is a moth for all seasons. And for your viewing pleasure we found this fan video.

7. Mothra is Reborn and Takes on Ghidorah (Part II)

Mothra is the only Godzilla based monster that branched off into her own films AFTER being in Godzilla. Not bad for a kawaii moth. In her first solo film post-Godzilla, she destroys King Ghidorah (again). When will this three-headed dragon learn not to mess with Mothra? Doesn’t he know enough not to mess with Mama Mothra?

6. Mothra is the Toho co-star.

As opposed to a “moment” this is more of a fact. Mothra has co-starred in more Godzilla films than any other monster. She has appeared in nine films alongside Godzilla and not including the four she has without the big green lizard. So basically, she’s a popular lady. The fact that she has been included in so many films shouldn’t be surprising since she’s also considered the favorite Toho character for female viewers. And why? Because she’s a damn good role model. Mostly because she kicks so much ass.

5. She Is a Goddess.

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So King Ghidorah may be a king. And Gamera may be a…wait, he doesn’t have a title. Anyway, Mothra is a goddess! She has her own island (Infant Island), her own priestesses, and her own frickin theme song. Again, this may not be a moment but it sure is a movement. When Godzilla, Ghidorah, or Battra are making a muck of the world, who do we shout out for? Mothra of course. Because she’s the fiercest thing on six legs. Here’s another really dramatic fan video for your enjoyment.

4. Mothra vs Gigan.

Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

Gigan sets Mothra aflame. But does she flinch? Hell no. Mothra laughs in the face of flames. In fact, she remains calm and manages to DIVE BOMB Gigan. Because if Mothra is going down she’s going to take Gigan down with her. That’s just how this lady rolls. Again, this shows her tremendous bravery (we were going to say gonads, but I’m not really sure about moth anatomy…) and pluckiness in the face of adversity. Hats off to Mama Mothra.

3. Mothra vs King Ghidorah (Part III)

Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster (1964)

What does Mothra do when her negotiating skills fail her? Jump into battle head-first that’s what! After Rodan and Godzilla get all wishy-washy on her and refuse to fight King Ghidorah (I can hear them both crying for their respective mothers now) Mothra does what comes natural to her. Jumps into battle all six fists, two wings, and two antenna swinging. Her bravery is shown again and again. And this is a classic example.


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2. Mothra Kicks Godzilla’s Ass

Every Godzilla vs Mothra film (All-Time/Everywhen)

Yeah. Mothra is one of the only Toho monsters that Godzilla really needs to answer to. And he answers to this lady a lot. See, she’s no passive creature when her Earth is under attack. Remember, that’s her job. Protect the Earth. The buildings in Tokyo? Not so much. This classic battle has been remade and is probably one of the most famous of the Toho battles. And who doesn’t want to see Godzilla get his ass handed to him by Our Lady of Mothralupe? Big Mama Mothra? The Moth That Wouldn’t Die. And that leads us to our number 1. You may take down Mothra but…

1. The Baby Twin Mothra’s Kick His Ass Some More.

She always has her babies on the sideline waiting to defend their mom…and trust us, these two larvae are unhappy when you piss off their mama. So after Mothra kicks Godzilla’s ass, her kids get to finish him off. That’s right. Mothra is so badass that her just born children can kick Godzilla’s ass. I’m pretty sure she could take a dump and destroy Godzilla (and we’re also sure her poops are sparkly and cute as hell).

She’s braver, more interesting, and way more kickass than Gamera. Vote Mothra!!!!


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He won! The Guardian of the Universe and friend of children everywhere has done the impossible and defeated Godzilla! Now, Gamera heads into the final round to take on Mothra. It seems people do like the true good guys as both kaiju that have advanced have fought to save Earth on many occasions. But Gamera hasn’t always been cute and cuddly, he has reined destruction down on the planet many times, but he has always made up for it by protecting and serving our children. So think of the children and vote for Gamera in the Den of Geek kaiju finals. Here are ten reasons why you should, as we present Gamera’s 10 greatest moments!


10. Kaiju Gymnastics

Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)

While fighting the knife headed Guiron, Gamera busts out one of his signature moves. Other kaiju go straight for the jugular, they lose finesse and class in their attack, but not Gamera. Gamera busts out a fierce gymnastic assault in the middle of battle. He impresses the two little judges observing the fight and gets endorsement deals for Gatorade, Nike, and McDonalds all while classing up the joint and serving Guiron notice that not only will Gamera commence with the beat down he will do so with ballet like dexterity. Guiron quickly surrendered before the badminton attacks could begin.

9. The Destruction of Sagami Bay

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Gamera (1965)

Yeah, most people think of Gamera as the cute pal to children and puppies everywhere, but it wasn’t always this way. A Russian jet is shot down by an American fighter in the Arctic, its payload a nuclear bomb. After the bomb exploded, Gamera awakened. He instantly destroys the American plane because Gamera doesn’t cotton to the U.S.A., and just to show there are no xenophobic tendencies driving this shelled engine of pain, he heads to Sagami Bay in Japan and turns the whole thing into sashimi.


8. Gamera vs. Those No-Good Beatniks

Gamera (1965)

After Gamera arrives in Sagami Bay, he targets a club full of no-good beatniks who are too preoccupied with that new-fangled rock n’ roll to ignore the military’s warnings to run. Gamera does not abide these commie long hairs and their twisting and hula hoops and lays down some swift justice. Gamera is more of a bluegrass type of guy and these kids and their crazy guitars and Sodom and Gomorrah like gyrations really pissed the turtle off. Come to think of it, Mothra is a bit of a beatnik, hmm?

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Gamera does not like beatniks.

7.  The Defeat of Gyaos

Gamera vs. Gyaos (1967)

This would be higher except for the fact Gyaos sucks. According to kaiju win and loss records (which sadly, is a major interview point when getting a job at Den of Geek), Gyaos has the worst win/loss record of any kaiju. But that doesn’t fully take away from this victory, because not only does Gamera ultimately defeat the flat headed bird demon thing Gyaos, in a previous fight, Gamera slices her foot off. Yeah, that’s right. Mess with Gamera, you’re gonna lose a foot. Gamera ultimately defeats Gyaos after the incompetent Japanese military failed, saving everyone, including the beatniks. That’s sacrifice.

6. The Defeat of Barugon

Gamera vs. Barugon (1966)

Barugon was a monster who was messing up Japan by lashing out with a wrecking ball like tongue and was generally being a giant douche. The always useless Japanese military figured out the Barugon could be sedated with rain, so instead of buying one of those ambient noise nature CDs from one of those native Peruvian shops at the mall, they doused Barugon with artificial rain to keep it asleep. Imagine that Holmesian plan failed and Barugon awoke to bring the pain. In this film, Gamera already messed up a stupid beatnik dam and finally returned to give a mass prison beat down to the tongue wielding monstrosity. It wasn’t nearly as sexy as it sounds.

5. The Defeat of Viras

Gamera vs. Viras (1967)

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Boy, the Japanese were churning these things out in the 60s, huh? I defeated a Viras once as well, but that required rest and antibiotic cream, not a giant nuclear turtle. Anyway, a couple of boy scouts find themselves on an alien submarine or something. They discover that the aliens are mind controlling Gamera…damn beatnik aliens. They use Gamera to destroy a bunch of stuff, until the kids free Gamera. The aliens merge into the alien squid Viras, and go after Gamera. So yeah, Gamera defeats a squid made up of merged aliens with the help of a couple of boy scouts. Did Mothra ever defeat a squid made up of merged aliens with the help of a couple of boy scouts? I think not.

4. The Defeat of Guiron

Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)

I already mentioned this fight in the gymnastics section, but Guiron does deserve a special mention because nowhere in cinema has there been a more stupid… AH, I mean awesome kaiju adversary. Guiron has a knife for a head; he shoots shuriken from holes in his Ginsu cranium, and is controlled by hot chick space aliens. Upon wakening, Guiron messes up Gyaos, but let’s face it; we all have the potential mess up a Gyaos at least once a day. What a loser. Gamera survives Guiron’s fierce assault and finally buries him knifehead first in the ground. What happens next was deemed to violent for American television, but in Japan, Gamera sticks a missile into Guiron’s shuriken hole (God, that sounds dirty) and blows him the eff up. Badass!

3. The Defeat of Zigra

Gamera vs. Zigra (1971),

Zigra is a kaiju shark. That’s seriously scary. Now you are going to tell me a butterfly poses a threat to Gamera? Gamera beat a giant shark. With a rock. Gamera is the Quint of kaiju, but he’s better than Quint because Gamera wins! Zigra made the mistake of holding two of Gamera’s kid pals hostage, and Gamera showed ol’ Jabberjaws what he does to kidnappers. Zigra can paralyze you with its shark web (?) and then bludgeon you with its dorsal fin both in and out of water.  But Gamera beat down his punk ass.

2. The Modern Return!

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)

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Godzilla made his comeback to cinemas in the mid 90s, not to be outdone, Gamera soon followed with the awesome Gamera: Guardian of the Universe. In this film, Gamera was revealed to be an environmental protector of the Earth descendent from Atlantis. So next time you want to leave the water running while brushing your teeth or toss a burger wrapper out of the window of your gas guzzling S.U.V., remember there could be a giant Atlantean nuclear tree hugging turtle that might want to have a word with you.  In his new film, Gamera destroyed not one, but two new Gyaoses, and then went on to defeat Super Gyaos. This new Gamera went and starred in two more films and made dog food out of Legion and Irys.

1. This poll!!!!

This Poll (2013)

After millions of votes and extreme media scrutiny the fight of the century took place. Playing the ultimate underdog, Gamera was able to overcome certain defeat and destroy the granddaddy kaiju, Godzilla himself. It was a tough fight, but the protector of children, the universe, and hater of beatniks pulled off the ultimate upset to advance. Mothra doesn’t stand a chance!

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