Manhunt: Trailer for New John Woo Movie

John Woo heads back to Hard Boiled and The Killer territory with Manhunt. Here's the trailer...

Director John Woo is heading somewhere back near his roots for his new film, a cop thriller by the name of Manhunt. It’s a remake of a 1976 Japanese movie, and it sees Zhang Hanyu playing a prosecutor wrongly framed for a number of crimes, and subsequently fighting to clear his name.

Also in the cast for this one are Masahuru Fukuyama, Qi Wei and Ha Ji Won. It can’t just be us hoping that the end result of this is something akin to Woo’s early classics, The Killer and Hard Boiled (and if you haven’t seen either of those films, lord do you have some treats ahead of you).

The first trailer for Manhunt has now landed, ahead of its upcoming festival premieres. It appropriately bills the film as “the return of the maestro.”

Watch it here…

No word on a release date yet, sadly.

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