Maguire getting $50m for Spider-man?

Two films. $50m. Plus time off. Where do we send our CV?


Given that he’s the kind of movie star who wouldn’t have the pulling power to open any film in which he wasn’t wearing a red, webbed suit, Tobey Maguire must be celebrating what’s likely to be the payday of a lifetime, should rumours of his new Spider-man deal be true. Maguire has now apparently signed up to another two webslinging movies, for which he’s getting paid $50m. His $25m fee a movie would buy you any movie star in Hollywood, and it’s surprisingly, given the rumours that Sony was looking to cast its key franchise.

Furthermore, Maguire’s contract is reportedly allowing him to having mornings and evenings off to spend time with his daughter. If we’re reading that right, then that’s $50m to work afternoons and nights for six months. That ain’t bad work if you can get it.

The six month schedule is because Sony is believed to be pressing ahead with its plan to shoot Spider-man 4 and 5 back to back, presumably in a cost saving measure, and also to reduce the three year window (at least) between sequels. And while Sam Raimi isn’t confirmed for the director’s chair just yet, it’s highly unlikely now that we’ll be seeing someone else direct the films.