Lucas Hedges To Play Shia LeBeouf In LeBeouf-Written Biopic

Shia LeBeouf has tapped Lady Bird's Lucas Hedges to play himself in Honey Boy, a biopic he wrote.

Add this to the long list of real-world headlines that seem generated by The Onion.

Actor-turned-performance-artist Shia LeBeouf has selected Manchester by the Sea, Lady Bird, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri actor Lucas Hedges to play…well, Shia LeBeouf in Honey Boy, an upcoming biopic about…well, Shia LeBeouf (via THR). 

Honey Boy was a script on Hollywood’s Black List – a collection of excellent, unproduced screenplays – this year. It was described as “a child actor and his law-breaking, alcohol-abusing father attempt to mend their contentious relationship over the course of a decade.”

The script was written by the mysterious Otis Lort (which is an anagram for “List Root” but that’s neither here nor there). LeBeouf revealed in Esquire this past week that he was indeed the mysterious Lort.  

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LeBeouf may be a curious public figure now with his off-the-wall art installations like when he watched every movie he’s ever made for three days straight, put a brown paper bag over his head and insisted “I’m not famous anymore,” and when he transmitted his heartbeat online for three days. Still, his acting career may be near or as interesting from his time as a child actor on Even Stevens through his performance in mega blockbusters like Transformers.

It’s clearly a life deserving documenting at the very least and LeBeouf has decided he is to be the one to document it. “Honey boy” was the nickname given to LeBeouf by his father and the film Honey Boy will depict their relationship as LeBeouf’s father struggles to stay sober.

LeBeouf will portray his alcoholic father in the film while Hedges will portray a young Even Stevens era LeBeouf.

Alma Har’el is due to direct.