Lots of taglines for Sony’s low-cost Spider-Man reboot

Yesterday, we challenged you to come up with taglines for Sony's bargain-basement Spider-Man reboot. Heck, you did us proud...

Yesterday, we set our mighty band of Twitter followers a challenge. Given that Sony had decided to trim the budget of its rebooted Spider-Man down to a very modest (by comparison to other big blockbusters) $80m, what kind of tagline would a bargain basement Spidey film require? We did the only logical thing and asked you.

These ones we really liked (and sorry if we missed anyone out!):

Spider-Man 4 – See 25% More When You Gift Aid. (hardluck_hotel)

I think they spent more than $80 million on Spider-Man The Ride, so Spider-Man The Ride: The Movie (hollywoodron)

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Spider-Man’s Day Off (hollywoodron)

Spider-Man: Goblins (Re: Troll II) (Lon3w0lf)

Spiderman: Sponsored by Easyjet (summerteeth18)

Spider-Man4Gold: Where getting CASH for your broken and unwanted superhero franchise has never been easier! (v_for_vienetta)

Spider-Cash4Gold (davidwhittam)

Spider-Spam: Online Pharmacy V1AGR4 4 Less. (Lon3w0lf)

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Spider-Man 4: With Great Power Comes Greater APR (Lon3w0lf)

Spider-Man 4: Aunt May Adventures. (Lon3w0lf)

Spiderman 4 minutes (BoxRoom)

Spider-man 4: Not underlit, noir! (stkaye)

Spilight (ChrisDWelsh)

Spiderman 4: With great power comes an overdraft. (JudgeJoey)

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Spider Man Prequel: Peter Parker solves conventional crimes in the usual ways (stkaye)

Tarantula-Man: Because Disney own the Licence (pandorasinbox)

Spiderman 4: Sponsored by Sony, Microsoft, Subway, Orange, Ford, Barclays, McDonalds, HP, Apple, Shell… (JudgeJoey)

Slumdog Spider-Man (Lon3w0lf)

Spiderman 4: Spidey & the Big Issue (FallenAngel2106)

Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is being outsourced to a cheaper area (paul_ie86)

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Spider-Man 4 Hire.(Lon3w0lf)

Spiderman: some of us thought Roger Corman did a good job with the Fantastic Four (stuartctaylor)

Spiderman 4: superhero for hire, available for parties, mall openings, barmitzvahs and hen parties (FallenAngel2106)

Webswinging on a shoestring. (rolhirst)

Well they made Clerks for $37,000 so just imagine how goodt his will be (seatzie)

Spiderman… premiering Jan 2012 at Sundance (SujoySingha)

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Spiderman 4 (for the price of one) (alnap)

Our absolute favourites were these…

The Somewhat Less Amazing Spider-Man (IIIWIlliamX)

Spider-Man 4, Directed by Ted Raimi (hollywoodron)

Spider-Man 4: The Quest For Peace (hollywoodron, thechubbyhubby and lon3w0lf)

Spiderman 4: Peter, parked (nonchaloir)

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SpiderMan 4: With great power comes great responsibility your home may be at risk (ChrisDWilliams)

Spider-Man vs. Mega-Shark. (Lon3w0lf)

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever the budget can! (jenelk)

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a Spider can afford (robvickers)

Arachnid Man: Cuz Rights are expensive.(LaurenceJack)

spins a web any size, when he opens his wallet, out come flies, look out for the producers of spiderman…. (cynicalmonkey)

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With *some* power comes marginally less responsibility (stuartctaylor)

“Wallcrawl for bugger all!” (rolhirst)

Spiderman 4 for a pound (alnap)

CrustaceanMan. Because 6 legs are cheaper than 8 (simonfishley)

The Amazing (ish) Spiderman (stuartctaylor)

We’re giving a prize to Lon3w0lf, who came up with loads of these (send us a mail and we’ll get you a prize!). And we love that Mega Shark one a lot. We’ll be doing another prize Twitter quiz again soon, so keep an eye on our feed at @denofgeek.

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