Logan: New Trailer Breakdown and Analysis

What did they hide in the last Logan trailer? We found it for you. Here's what we learned...

The last trailer for Logan, this late-winter’s big superhero movie based on the bestselling Old Man Logan story from the comics, just dropped, and we went through frame by frame to find all the clues, hints and secrets they have for us.

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is…

Logan – Final Trailer (Red Band) [HD] by denofgeek

Now, let’s get to work.

– The first scene is all the evidence we need that Logan takes place in a dystopia: lil’ X-23, Laura Kinney, grabs a can of Hypno energy drink and no one runs screaming to child protective services. That shit is wrong. 

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– Also worth noting: Logan grabs a handful of cigars on his way out the door. Hugh Jackman isn’t letting that trope go, even if Marvel has. They’ve had a fairly strict “no smoking” policy in the comics for some time now.

– ”We got ourselves an X-Men fan.” Well we actually have many of them here, Wolverine, thank you.

Apparently in this world there were comic adaptations of the X-Men’s heroic adventures, and Laura likes to read them. It looks like Sauron (noted were-pterodactyl Karl Lykos) on the cover, and in a nice throwback to the start of the movie series, Logan and Rogue inside. I can’t place this anywhere, nor can I figure out the artist – Gabriel Hardman, who’s done some awesome work at Marvel and on his creator owned books like Kinski and Invisible Republic, is listed as a storyboard artist, but this doesn’t look exactly like his work – but if you can, help me out in the comments.

– Let’s talk timelines: there’s been some discussion of how Logan can be a dystopia when Days of Future Past was a happy ending for him. Logan, looking at Laura’s books, says “Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this.” You don’t get comic adaptations of the heroes in a dystopia, so maybe it isn’t all bad. Or maybe it is only recently bad.

Anyway, James Mangold hinted recently that Logan might not be the actual future of the X-Men movie universe after all.

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– We jump pretty quickly into fighting as Boyd Holbrook’s Donald Pierce jumps off a truck with his paramilitary crew.

In the comics, Pierce is a mutant hating cyborg White Bishop of the Hellfire Club, and if that sentence seems like I mashed buttons on a random word generator, be sure to come back in March for our reference guide to the film.

– Pierce’s crew are ALSO cyborgs: The Reavers. In the comics, they were two groups: one, a gang of looters based in Australia who were rousted from the X-Men’s eventual base of operations. Then, a few of those looters joined up with a group of Hellfire Club guards who had been cut to shit by Wolverine at various times, with their missing limbs replaced by tank treads or machine guns.

They’re led by Pierce and Lady Deathstrike (who you may remember from X2), and they first went after the X-Men back in the Australia days around Uncanny X-Men #230.

– Let’s talk about Laura. X-23 was originally created for X-Men Evolution as a teenage girl clone of Wolverine. She showed up almost immediately after in the comics, in NYXas a teenage runaway/sometimes sex worker. She has all of his powers (the healing factor, the superhuman strength and agility and stamina) only she has two claws on her fists, and one in each foot. In the comics, her bones are also adamantium, but it doesn’t look to be the case here.

– The Reavers and Pierce appear to be working for this bald-ish dude. He is not actually the same person as the recruiter from Deadpool, but he is working for a recreated Weapon X program. He’s Zander Rice, the head of the cloning project that brought Laura Kinney to life, and it looks like he’s trying to get her back.

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– The rest of the trailer is punching, with a smattering of light limb removal, so there isn’t much to dig through, but I did want to touch on a couple of things. These next three shots aren’t sequential, but two of them are from the same scene, and the third I think gives away a big part of it.

We’ve got Logan in a hotel hallway vibrating, and Laura crawling towards the Professor in a vibrating room.

Meanwhile, we also see Logan running through the woods getting blasted by an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device, a giant speaker that shoots sound waves out. It’s usually used for crowd dispersal, and if you’re not familiar with it yet, I say give it, oh, four years or so) mounted on a jeep. I bet they crank the LRAD up as a telepathy deterrent towards the end of the second act, and that’s what we see in the hotel.

–  The last scene of substance in the trailer has Logan, Laura, the Professor and Eriq La Salle laughing around a dinner table. The Professor is old af, and suffering from dementia (according to our own David Crow), and La Salle is one of only two people on the IMDB page without a character name. You know what that means: TIME FOR IRRESPONSIBLE SPECULATION. I think he’s old T’Challa and this means Disney and Fox made a deal. There is absolutely no evidence supporting this, and I am very likely wrong, but no less foolish than claiming he’s Dr. Doom or something.

In all seriousness, he’s probably a semi-notable side character, like Dr. Peter Corbeau or Michael Rossi or something.

That’s all we got from this trailer. Logan will be in theaters on March 3, 2017. Stay with Den of Geek for all the latest news and analysis of this and the rest of the X-Men movie universe.

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