Logan Lerman is “nearly 100% locked” as Spider-Man!

Following the debacle surrounding Spider-Man 4 and the departure of Raimi, Maguire, Dunst et al, Percy Jackson will likely be Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot…

Spidey-watchers are likely to have a new poster boy pretty soon, for Hitfix (and subsequently the entire Internet) is screaming that Logan Lerman, star of Chris Columbus’ Potter-esque Percy Jackson series, will be the next person to don the spider suit. Its story quotes a source who reckons the casting decision is “nearly 100% locked”, while adding that there have been no contract negotiations as yet.

While this one’s not rumbled along for anywhere near the inordinate amount of time it took to find a new Captain America, it’s good to see that there is movement on the Spider-Man franchise following Team Raimi turning its collective back on the project earlier this year, and that director Marc Webb (500 Days Of Summer) is likely going to make good on delivering the back-to-basics (and easier on the bottom line) story of Peter Parker’s college woes.

Will it be any good? Now that is a million dollar question…


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