Liam Neeson on Seeking Vengeance in Cold Pursuit

Liam Neeson and the Cold Pursuit filmmakers talk the dangers of seeking vengeance in Cold Pursuit and how "it can lead you into trouble."

Liam Neeson Cold Pursuit Interview

Americanized remakes of foreign films and television series are not a new concept in any stretch of the imagination. Long before Liam Neeson in Cold Pursuit, Christopher Nolan was shooting his version of Insomnia with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. However, what constitutes the designation of “American” in a remake if the new version’s director is the same man who made the original? It has happened before; Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer remade his instant 1988 classic Spoorloos (The Vanishing) for the American market in 1993, and of course Takasji Shimizu brought his vision overseas with a remake of his original Ju-On (The Grudge). Now Hans Petter Moland is bringing the new version of his hit dark comedy thriller Kraftidioten (In Order of Disappearance) to American audiences with the new Summit Entertainment release Cold Pursuit. I know what you’re thinking, who cares about what makes the American version, American… Liam Neeson is here punch people’s faces in, I’m in.

Starring the magnetic Neeson as Nels Coxman, Cold Pursuit is very much the same film as In Order of Disappearance, with some subtle changes here and there, and a few added bonuses. Much like its elder kin that starred Stellan Skarsgard in the lead role of Nils, Cold Pursuit finds Neeson seeking revenge on a drug cartel kingpin whose goons are responsible for killing his son. Yes, there are beatings, shootings, stabbings, and the over looming threat of being run off the road by a mammoth snow plow; but make no mistake, this is not yet another Taken sequel. The humor is dark, the personalities damaged, and the atmosphere is despairing. No punched are pulled here, and no happy Hollywood ending is tacked on, as we saw with The Vanishing. We sat down with Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson, and the filmmaker Hans Petter Moland to chat about what makes Cold Pursuit and its inspiration so unique and interesting. Here is what they had to say.