Let’s predict the Oscar winners!

Who’s going to take home an Oscar on Sunday? Here are our predictions — and then add your own…

An Oscar. Yesterday.

Sunday marks the 80th Academy Awards, and while there are a couple of certs in the pack, there are nonetheless one or two categories that could really go either way, depending on whether Oscar voters lean towards Benjamin Button, or follow the lead of most other award ceremonies and give Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire a clutch of prizes. We’re just about leaning to the latter, but The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is nonetheless just the kind of film that the Oscars loves to reward.

Anyway, here are our predictions for this year’s awards (we’re sticking to the main categories), and put yours in the comments field down below. We’ll then meet up again on Monday morning, and see who gets the bragging rights….


This is clearly based on our theory that it’s going to be more Danny Boyle’s night than David Fincher, but we do think it’s closer than many might think. The odds favour Slumdog too, incidentally, and we do just about think that it’ll be its night.

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Best DirectorDANNY BOYLE

It’s rare, but not unknown, for the Academy to split the Best Picture and Best Director gongs, and thus if we’re nailing our predictions to the Slumdog mast, then Boyle too will be clutching Oscar gold on Sunday night.


This one could be really tight, and truthfully it’s hard to complain if any of Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn or Frank Langella walk off with the prize. It’s down, we reckon, to Rourke and Penn, though, and our thinking here is that Oscar sure likes a comeback kid. As long as Rourke hasn’t pissed too many people off over the years, this could be his moment.

Best ActressKATE WINSLETOne of two absolute shoo-ins for the night. Sorry, Meryl.

Best Supporting ActorHEATH LEDGER

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The other absolute shoo-in for the night. There is not a speck of dust of doubt in our mind that Ledger’s turn as The Joker is going to win. One bookmaker we found was offering odds of 1-100, which pretty much sums this one up. In any other year, Robert Downey Jr might have a decent shot at this one. But not this year.

Best Supporting ActressPENELOPE CRUZ

This one’s a bit more open, but Woody Allen movies in the 90s did have a habit (well, it happened a couple of times) of attracting Best Supporting Actress nods, and Cruz’s turn in Vicky Christina Barcelona is just about edging this one for us. Viola Davis and Amy Adams for Doubt are going to split the voting for that film, which makes you wonder if Marisa Tomei is good for a second very long-shot Oscar in her career?

Among the other prizes, we reckon Wall-E will walk off with Best Animated Feature (that could be the third shoo-in of the night, to be fair), and we’d love In Bruges to be rewarded for Best Original Screenplay, which it’s genuinely got a good shot at.

Anyway, that’s our take – leave your predictions below…!