Kevin Smith’s Tusk Trailer Hints at Human Monstrosity

Kevin Smith's Tusk gets its first trailer, and hints at human monstrosity...

tusk trailer

What does it say about me that I was disappointed by the lack of grotesque mutilation in the Tusk trailer? Don’t get me wrong, this film looks incredibly unsettling and Michael Parks seems to really inject this nasty batshit soul power into these roles where he’s playing the worst kinds of human contraptions, but yeah, my gruesome curiosity wanted to see the end result of Parks’ experimentation on Justin Long’s unfortunate roaming podcaster (Hey Marc Maron Jr., phoners are a great way to do an interview too), but I suppose that’s the point of the trailer, isn’t it?

Born from a discussion between Scott Mosier and Tusk writer/director Kevin Smith during an episode of the Smodcast, the two started to construct a horror film that was inspired by their conversation about the sad story of a real fellow who had put out an ad seeking a boarder who would willingly dress up and act like a walrus for two hours a day in exchange for free lodging.

Obviously, Tusk is fictional and represents the worst possible outcome of such a scenario as Red State star Michael Parks lures Long’s character to his home with his weirdness for a podcast interview, only to drug him, torture him Misery style and gradually strip away his humanity and turn him into a walrus.

Tusk is Smith’s second attempt at a horror film following Red State and a career spent making occasionally affecting (and occasionally not) comedies about love, life and New Jersey. Though many have objected to Smith’s eagerness to try new things (and in some cases, they’ve yelled at him for his willingness to try anything). Personally, I like a filmmaker who is willing to get a little weird and try something new, so I’ll give Tusk a chance because of that and because I apparently really want to see Justin Long with tusks.

Tusk is set to be released in the Autumn.

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