Kevin Feige becomes Marvel Chief Creative Officer overseeing TV and comics

Kevin Feige is now Marvel's Chief Creative Officer as Marvel Television is rolled under Marvel Studios. He also has comic book oversight.

As Marvel Studios and the Walt Disney Company gear up for the debut of Disney+, behind the scenes shifts promise to change the way major Marvel-related storylines are created across its platforms. And after transforming the way audiences view cinematic moviegoing, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is getting a new title as he prepares to do the same for television.

Deadline was the first to break that in addition to his Marvel Studios title, Feige will now be known as Marvel’s chief creative officer. What this title apparently means is that as Marvel Studios prepares its slew of television programming on Disney+, all creative divisions, including Marvel Television and Marvel Family Entertainment, are being rolled up under Feige’s watchful gaze and the Marvel Studios logo.

This is not exactly a shocking move, as Marvel has been methodically winding down its licensed agreements of shows on other networks over the last few years, most famously resulting in the deaths of Marvel Television’s Netflix oeuvre that included Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Despite the insistence of producers on those series, or for that matter ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, that their shows were in the same “shared universe” as the wildly popular Marvel Studios movies, the films never once acknowledged those shows’ continuities. Now the aim is to stop producing content for other networks and streaming platforms, and to produce in-continuity TV series, as well as Feige-approved cartoons, on Disney+. This includes the currently announced slate of The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, What If?, and more.

Furthermore, Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley will stay in place, but when it comes to the editorial content he and Marvel’s entertainment creative lead Joe Quesada will now report to Feige instead of Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter. Buckley will still report to Perlmutter in regards to merchandising, publishing operations, sales, licensing, and apparently video games, but Feige will now take a strong hand in how stories are developed on the comic book page that created the popular Marvel superheroes.

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This signals certainly a changing of the times for Marvel, as well as further proof Marvel Studios is now the driver of the brand image of Marvel superheroes, as opposed to their comic book origins. It also showcases the ever stronger influence of Marvel at Disney, with Feige essentially in charge of Disney’s most profitable vertical as the Mouse House begins a new era in streaming entertainment.

The times, they are a-changin.’