Kevin Connolly to Direct Gotti Biopic

Entourage’s Kevin Connolly will direct upcoming drama about John Gotti

The John Gotti biopic is back on track. Kevin Connolly, from the popular HBO series, Entourage, will direct the upcoming biopic on New York Gangster Icon John Gotti.  The film, which used to have the alias Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father will star John Travolta as the guy who became the head of the Gambino crime family after a steak dinner.

Connolly grew up on Long Island. He directed episodes of Entourage as well as the ESPN 30/30 documentary Big Shot about the New York Islanders ripoff and the indie flick Gardener of Eden.

The Gotti movie attracted all the usual subjects, a veritable rat pack of celluloid crime has come and gone through this project including Al Pacino, Barry Levinson, Nick Cassavetes, Joe Pesci, Kelly Preston, Lindsay Lohan, Joe Johnston, and Anthony Hopkins.

Gotti had a brush with one of the original Rat Pack members. Frank Sinatra inherited the Rat Pack from Humphrey Bogart and the chairman of the board passed on a chance to meet the still-Teflon Don after the crooner’s Carnegie Hall concert. Sinatra cancelled “due to illness” but was spotted out later that night at the Savoy Grill. In his memoir, Shadow of My Father, John Gotti Jr. says his old man almost closed the lid on Old Blue Eyes.

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 According to Jr., Gotti sent associate Joe Watts to explain to the singer that the next time he ducked him, “I will be the last face you will see on this earth.”

The Gotti movie is being paid for by by Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, Fiore Films and Herrick Entertainment. It is based on John Jr’s book.

Gotti was taken down by his underboss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano and died in prison of cancer. The cops say Junior became acting boss of the Gambino crime family but he told 60 Minutes he retired after prison.

Gotti Jr. believes that his died due to the medical neglect by prison authorities. Since when does a tooth ache become cancer in modern society?

SOURCE: Tracking Board

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