Justice League Directors Cut Fan Petition Hacked

The petition to try and persuade Warner Bros to release an extended Zack Snyder cut of Justice League has hit a problem...

With predictions now suggesting that Justice League’s box office total might not break $700 million (that’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 levels of takings), it’s been a bumpy month or two for what was supposed to be the pinnacle of the DC Extended Universe. Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s film had a tricky time with critics, and audiences haven’t swarmed to the film in anything like the numbers Warner Bros wanted.

However, there is still a groundswell of fan support for the film, and that’s particularly been manifested in the petition to try and get Zack Snyder’s longer cut of the movie released. Warner Bros is reportedly reluctant to spend the cash required to make this happen (although it’s still a possibility), but Snyder has long since stepped away from the movie.

Yet in a fresh twist, the petition itself was updated over the weekend with an update that read “Victory!”. Many assumed that this meant that the Snyder cut was on its way. Not so, though, said the petition’s creator, Roberto Mata. Turns out that what had actually happened was that his account was hacked, and the petition erased. With plenty of adult language, his Tweet is here

The petition is back up and running again now though, and closing in on 200,000 names. You can find it here.

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Warner Bros is expected to announce its plans for Justice League‘s disc release in the new year. Then, we’ll have a clearly idea of just how much deleted material is going to make it into the open.