Just 14% of directors, 7% of cinematographers on UK films are women

A new report has found that just 14% of directors and 7% of cinematographers working on UK films are female.

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

A new piece of research, that’s look at British films from 2003 through to 2015, has discovered that just 14% of directors and 7% of cinematographers working on them were women.

Furthermore, that just 10% of directors and 4% of cinematographers were of Black, Asian or Ethnic Minority identity. As for BAME women, they make up just 1% of directors on UK films, and 0.3% of cinematographers.

The research has been conducted as part of the Calling The Shots project, that examines women and contemporary film culture in the UK. It investigated the 3,452 British films in production over the 12 year period, and whilst it discovered across the course of the research that numbers are very slightly inching forward, the move is so small that it still amounts to stagnation.

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The report notes that “inequality in the British film industry is scarcely better than in Hollywood”, and notes too that last weekend’s BAFTA film awards overlooked Greta Gerwig and Rachel Morrison’s work, as it put forward male-nominated fields of nominees.

More details on the Calling The Shots project can be found here. And more on the report itself can be found here. We’ll be coming back to it in more detail on the site soon.