Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star in Hijacking Thriller 7500

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star in 7500, playing an airline pilot who fends off terrorist hijackers.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has spent the past few years putting aside big screen blockbusters to field a variety of passion projects. However, he just signed on for a role in a project, called 7500, that will see him in the literal pilot’s seat as a leading man in an epic thriller of a movie.

7500, a project from indie studios FilmNation and Endeavour Content, has procured Joseph Gordon-Levitt as its star. He will replace Paul Dano, who was previously attached to headline until scheduling conflicts forced him to drop out. Gordon-Levitt will play Tobias Ellis, the co-pilot of a commercial flight from Berlin to Paris that is taken over by terrorist hijackers wielding glass bottles (getting those on the plane had to be a feat in its own right). Tobias will find himself fighting off the initial wave of attacks, eventually forced to negotiate with the remnants of the hijackers, ensuring the safety of the passengers.

German director Patrick Vollrath lands a major opportunity with 7500 serving as his feature-length debut, having previously helmed an array of short films in his native country. He is joined by executive producers Jonas Katzenstein and Maximilian Leo of Augenschein Filmproduktion, joined in that same capacity by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Lindsay Williams of the Gotham Group. Novotny’s Franz Novotny and Alexander Glehr are also onboard as co-producers.

Touting the film’s acquisition of a star the caliber of Gordon-Levitt, Glen Basner, CEO of FilmNation Entertainment expresses in a statement:

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“As one of the great actors of his generation, Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings a whole new dimension to this character. We are thrilled to work with him as well as Patrick, who provides a fresh and exciting new voice to the project. We are certain that audiences will be just as taken with 7500 as we are.”

Gordon-Levitt went from child sitcom star to blockbuster big shot with The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, Premium Rush, Inception, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Looper, 500 Days of Summer and his dramatic breakthrough, Brick. His roles choices as of late have been more deliberate, notably playing notorious CIA leaker Edward Snowden in the 2016 biopic, Snowden, and daredevil Phillippe Petit in 2015 film The Walk. He’ll soon join Channing Tatum in an R-rated musical project, called Wingmen, and will star in war drama K Troop. He also has a cameo role for his Looper and Brick director, Rian Johnson, in December’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

7500 has reportedly commenced filming today (Oct. 31) in Cologne and Vienna. There’s no release date set as of yet.

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