Jon Bernthal on Protecting Rome in Pilgrimage

We chat with Jon Bernthal about his latest film, Pilgrimage

If you had to name two of cinema’s hottest, burgeoning actors; the likely hood that you’d name Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal is pretty likely. Both have found fame before their induction into the world of the Marvel Multiverse, but both are unmistakable to most as Spider-man and Frank Castle/The Punisher.  So other than their Marvel portrayals, what do these two men have in common? Well, they both star in the period-piece, slow-burn thriller, Pilgrimage.

Directed by Brendan Muldowney from a script by Jamie Hannigan, “Pilgrimage” follows a group of Monks in 13th century Ireland as they leave their isolated existence to deliver a sacred relic they protect to Rome, on orders from the highest powers. Beyond the lush, beautiful cinematography, and intricate storytelling, there are two very poignant performances that drive the film; Holland’s incredibly mature portrayal of a novice who questions more than he follows, and Bernthal as a mainly subdued, tender mute.  

Now available on OnDemand services, we are pleased to share with you a little chat we had with Brendan Muldowney and Jon Bernthal during the film’s premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. Whether it is talking about the multiple languages being spoken through-out the film where Bernthal says nothing, to the fact that Berthal aided in Holland’s Spider-Man: Homecoming audition tape during the filming, these two men have lots of wisdom to share and it is our pleasure to share this exchange with you.