John Cho on Harold & Kumar 4: “I Think We’re Gonna Get This Made”

Exclusive: John Cho reveals he’s pitched an idea for a new Harold & Kumar movie—and he thinks that it has a chance of being made...

Stoner comedies for the 21st century, the Harold & Kumar movies have quickly become cult items. The first, released in 2004, followed the misadventures of its Asian-American leads in their quest for a decent burger. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) waded into the War on Terror, while 2011’s A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was a surprisingly warm-hearted opus about the accidental destruction of a Christmas tree.

From these unlikely scenarios, the Harold & Kumar movies have spun out some irreverent, funny, and often surreal comedies. In fact, the series has seemingly benefited from its makers’ ability to come up with wildly different scrapes for the characters to escape from—a far cry from those comedy sequels where the same story’s played out over and over again.

While talk of a fourth Harold & Kumar has surfaced from time to time, that actor Kal Penn (who co-stars as Kumar Patel) wound up as a director in the Obama Administration for a time has probably meant he’s been a bit too busy with politics to make too many more stoner comedies (though he did take a break to make A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas).

But speaking to Den of Geek on the promotional trail for Star Trek Beyond, co-star John Cho revealed that, although he thought the series was over, he’s had an idea for a new movie—an idea so good that it might just end up being made.

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“I didn’t think [there’d be another Harold & Kumar]”, Cho said when we asked the question earlier this week. “But I thought of a really great idea, and I pitched it out to the director when we happened to be having dinner one night. And I don’t know…I think we’re gonna get this made.”

Karl Urban, who plays Bones alongside Cho’s Mr. Sulu in Star Trek Beyond, was also in the interview room at the time, and he seemed to think he’d heard Cho talk about his Harold & Kumar sequel idea before.

“I think I know what it is,” Urban said. “I’ll tell you and you tell me if it’s right.”

“Okay,” Cho replied, “Go ahead.”

Just for one, delicious moment, your humble writer thought the pair were about to accidentally blurt the idea out right there and then, but Mr. Urban caught himself at the last minute. “Not here!” he said conspiratorially, nodding his head in Den of Geek’s direction.

So, so close. We’re just hoping Cho’s idea turns out to be “Harold & Kumar Go To The White House,” or better yet, “Harold & Kumar on the USS Enterprise.” We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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Star Trek Beyond, meanwhile, lands on July 22nd.