John Cena to Return in Daddy’s Home 2 for Major Role

Daddy’s Home 2 will see WWE headliner and actor John Cena reprise his cameo role from the original with a larger part.

John Cena in Trainwreck; Universal Pictures

While the 2015 Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg-starring comedy Daddy’s Home was overshadowed by Starkiller Base-sized box-office competition in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was a lucrative performer, grossing $240 million globally, yielding an upcoming sequel; one that will also star Mel Gibson. However, with its latest addition, Daddy’s Home 2 follows through on a story development teased at the end of the original.

According to Deadline, pro-wrestler-turned actor and perennial WWE main event player John Cena has been added to the cast of Daddy’s Home 2. Cena reprises a role seen at the end of the original film as part of an irony-laced twist. Daddy’s Home pit placid husband and stepfather Brad (Ferrell) against his wife’s buffer/tougher ex-husband Dusty (Wahlberg) and his flashy, obnoxious reconciliation attempts. Ultimately, the two come to an understanding and become friends, with Dusty eventually becoming a stepfather in his own right with his new wife. However, the film ends with the arrival of John Cena as the even buffer/tougher ex-husband of Dusty’s new wife, ironically putting Dusty in the same situation as Brad. The report indicates that Cena’s role will be more prominent in the sequel.

Daddy’s Home 2 will see Ferrell’s Brad and Wahlberg’s Dusty collaborating on a memorable Christmas for the children of their linked families. However, that endeavor becomes insanely complicated by some familial arrivals, with Mel Gibson playing Dusty’s father and John Lithgow playing Brad’s father. As if there wasn’t enough on their plate, John Cena’s character, the virtual Greek God ex of Dusty’s wife, shows up attempting to make a cuckold of the respectably fit Dusty. The sequel will also see Linda Cardellini back in her role as Brad’s wife Sara, with more role reprisals likely to be confirmed.

Cena, who is constantly compared to another major wrestler-turned-actor (and in-ring rival,) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, enjoys an acting career that has been sporadic, but upwardly mobile. His first mainstream exposure was in the 2000 documentary Inside Wrestling School and the 2001 game show reality series Manhunt before making his WWE debut in 2002. He made his movie debut starring in the 2006 action flick The Marine, followed by 2009’s 12 Rounds and 2010’s Legendary (all under the auspices of WWE). However, after some TV appearances, his movie career rebooted in 2015 appearing opposite Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Sisters and, of course, Daddy’s Home.  

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Sean Anders, who directed the original film, returns for duty on Daddy’s Home 2, working off a screenplay he co-wrote with Brian Burns and John Morris. Besides Daddy’s Home, Anders’s directorial resume includes the 2014 comedy ensemble sequel Horrible Bosses 2, 2012 Adam Sandler vehicle That’s My Boy, 2008 road trip comedy Sex Drive and 2005 frozen entrée-themed movie Never Been Thawed.

Daddy’s Home 2 gets ready for some escalated romantic and parental rivalries when it hits theaters on November 10.