JJ Abrams’ secret new movie is not a Cloverfield sequel?

It gets more intriguing: ahead of Iron Man 2 in the US, a trailer for a mysterious new JJ Abrams project is being unveiled. But it’s not going to be Cloverfield 2 after all…

Okay, this gets more and more intriguing. Yesterday, we reported that a trailer for a mysterious new JJ Abrams film by the name Super 8 was being attached to US screenings of Iron Man 2 from Friday. Not for the first time, this is a film that’s come out of nowhere, where a trailer has been shot and put together in pretty much utmost secrecy.

Inevitably, this led to the assumption that this may be the long-mooted sequel to Cloverfield, which was launched into the world in a not-dissimilar way. But that link has now been nixed by the man himself.

He told NY Mag, “It has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield,” adding that “you have to check out [the trailer].”

He confirmed the security precautions and locked canisters that have been put in place to stop the trailer leaking out early, but we’ll know for definite just what he’s been up to from tomorrow, when Iron Man 2 arrives in the US.

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We’ll bring you news on it as we get it!

NY Mag