JJ Abrams on Star Trek sequel: “We don’t have a script yet”

JJ Abrams gives a brief update on the state of the Star Trek sequel. And bluntly, there’s still a long way to go…

Back at the start of the month, for the first time in a while, we got some fresh news about the upcoming Star Trek sequel. This was when screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci chatted to the Los Angeles Times, and revealed for the first time that they’d cracked the story for the next film. They also added that the next Star Trek film wasn’t part of a planned trilogy. These weren’t massive revelations, but they were, at least, fresh news.

Well, chatting to Hollyscoop at an event for the Children’s Defense Fund, JJ Abrams has tempered things somewhat. For just because a story is worked out, that’s a long way from getting a final script in place. He said that “We don’t have a script yet and it’s all still being worked out. It’s too early to talk about what it might be, because it hasn’t happened yet.”

Abrams is adept at keeping his cards close to his chest, to be fair. But we suspect that there will be progress on this one sooner rather than later, especially as we hear that Zoe Saldana is talking about Star Trek 2 shooting before the first of James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. We’ll keep you posted…


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