Jim & Andy Trailer: Netflix Documentary on Jim Carrey’s Andy Kaufman Role

Netflix documentary Jim & Andy confirms the legends of Jim Carrey’s set hijinks while playing Andy Kaufman in 1999’s Man on the Moon.

Netflix Documentaries - Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

One of Jim Carrey’s most unique film roles was his Golden Globe-winning portrayal of the late comedy legend, Andy Kaufman, in the Milos Forman-directed 1999 biopic Man on the Moon (named after R.E.M.’s 1992 Kaufman-inspired hit). However, the stories of Carrey’s 24/7 eccentrically over-the-top on-set hijinks, which had been the stuff of legend, are about to be uncovered.

Now, Netflix confirms those stories with the documentary, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (a subtitle derived from R.E.M.’s song on the Man on the Moon soundtrack), finally revealing the behind-the-scenes footage of Carrey’s seemingly supernatural channeling of Kaufman’s personality.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond Trailer

The Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond trailer essentially brings to life what’s already been known since the 1999 release of Man on the Moon: Jim Carrey went DEEP down the method acting rabbit hole for his Andy Kaufman role; so deep that it simultaneously amused, vexed and pissed-off everyone involved with the production. Indeed, Carrey’s professed admiration for the Taxi television star, conceptual comedian, pro-wrestling heel and all-around original troll, manifested with an unprecedented acting endeavor to – for the extent of the production – actually become Kaufman… whether cameras were rolling or not.

Indeed, the footage shows director Milos Forman carefully corralling the in-character star and even people such as Danny DeVito, who worked with Kaufman (who succumbed to a rare form of lung cancer in 1984), be completely flummoxed by Carrey’s freaky, Andy-esque behavior. The documentary also contains testimonial commentary from Carrey, who looks back on the experience, seemingly questioning himself.

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Of course, Carrey’s uniquely-immersive approach to the Man on the Moon role was made in the same spirit of Kaufman himself, whose comedy – typically involving multiple personalities – regularly broke the fourth wall in ways never-before conceived. His standup comedy persona of the feckless, accented “Foreign Man” (which evolved into his Taxi Latka Gravas character,) always fooled audiences before he pulled back the veil with a dead-on Elvis Presley impersonation. Plus, his involvement in professional wrestling (another industry that walks the fourth wall), notably as a pretentious instigator who’s “from Hollywood,” with a years-long feud with Memphis, TN favorite Jerry “The King” Lawler, which reached new media heights with a legendary 1982 confrontation between the two on Late Night with David Letterman, not only changed the way that comedy was approached, but how and where it could take place.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond Release Date

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond will get ready to “rassle” Netflix viewers “Memphis style,” when it arrives on the streaming service on November 17.

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