Jason Statham signed up for The Mechanic remake?

The Statham has picked another project, and he’s stepping into Charles Bronson’s shoes…

Jason Statham in The Transporter 3

We almost feel obliged now, in the light of the cinematic delirium that was Crank 2, to keep you fully up to date with the further adventures of the man they call The Statham. In a world where action stars continue to sell out and lose their edge, Mr Jason Statham simply carries on doing what Mr Jason Statham does best. And he’s all the better for it.

Currently, he’s shooting – along with a back catalogue of action cinema stars – Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables (due out next April – and just how much are we looking forward to that), and he already has the US remake of 13 in post-production. Next up, though, appears to be another remake, this time of the 1972 action flick The Mechanic.

The original The Mechanic starred Charles Bronson as a hitman nearing the end of his career who takes under his wing a young man with ambitions of becoming a professional killer. Directed by Michael Winner, the original is quite well regarded, and has clearly been deemed ripe for a reworking.

Stepping behind the camera for the film will be Simon West. This is the same Simon West who made one of our favourite action movies of the 90s: Con Air. And yet it’s also the same Simon West who made the risible first Tomb Raider movie, the tepid John Travolta thriller The General’s Daughter, and the best-forgotten remake of When A Stranger Calls. But heck: he made Con Air, too. Did we mentioned that?

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The film is in the early stages of pre-production now, and we’d guess that marks it for a late 2010 bow at the earliest. That, people, means right now we have three new Jason Statham films to look forward to. And there’s something inherently right about that.