Jason Momoa cast alongside Sly Stallone in Walter Hill’s untitled action thriller

It may not have a name yet, but Jason Momoa’s reportedly playing the villain in Walter Hill’s forthcoming action movie…

The last few years have seen Sylvester Stallone’s action movie career enjoying a full-blown renaissance. First came his late-hour additions to the Rocky and Rambo franchises, which were then followed by last year’s magnificent, absurd The Expendables.

Sly’s set to continue his late career boom with an adaptation of Alexis Nolent’s French graphic novel, Bullet To The Head. It’s been in production for a little while now, initially under the name Headshot, but now listed on IMDB as Untitled Walter Hill/Sylvester Stallone Project.

Ah yes, Walter Hill. Now, there’s a reason to look forward to whatever the movie ends up being called. The writer and director of some classic 80s action movies, including 48 Hrs, Red Heat and The Warriors, not to mention the story behind James Cameron’s Aliens, Hill could bring the requisite energy and sardonic humour this macho action movie will require.

And make no mistake, this will be macho in the most 80s way imaginable, with Stallone playing a hitman called Jimmy Bobo, who forms a revenge pact with a cop when their partners are both killed. According to reports over on First Showing, the cop will be played by Thomas Jane, and it’s also been revealed that the new Conan, Jason Momoa, has been cast as the despicable villain of the piece.

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Momoa was on grunting, mean form as hulking warrior Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones, and he’ll, no doubt, be more than a match for the similarly muscle-bound Stallone.

More news on this as yet untitled Walter Hill epic as it comes in.

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