James Cameron’s Avatar: new trailer coming this week

From this weekend, what looks like the definitive trailer for James Cameron’s film will be unleashed into cinemas…

To call the first trailer for James Cameron’s upcoming 3D extravaganza Avatar divisive would be akin to saying that Chris Tucker manages to get on a few people’s nerves. Followed by extended footage that screened in cinemas across the world, the material that was shown wasn’t the flat-out knock-out that many were hoping for, and also expecting, given the sheer level of secrecy and expense surrounding the project.

Well, from the end of this week, Fox is having another go to woo moviegoers round. Kicking off in American cinemas from this weekend is a brand new trailer of Avatar, which is – get this – three minutes and 30 seconds long. According to Coming Soon, which has confirmed the news, “We’ve learned that this is THE trailer, the one that will show you much more story.”

Fox will start running the trailer this weekend, kicking off from Friday 23rd October, and it’ll not be releasing it online for another week. Thus, you can check back on Friday 30th October, when we’ll have the trailer – or at least a pointer to it – right here, but this is probably one that’s good to catch in its natural home, on the big screen.

It’s been a troubling couple of months for the promotional campaign for Avatar, but let’s hope this is where things improve. Because, as we’ve said umpteen times before, our ticket to this has been sold for months. Here’s hoping the new trailer delivers.

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