James Bond will return — but not until 2011

007’s next adventure isn’t set to go before the cameras until the end of next year…

It’s probably fair to say that most of us here weren’t exactly bowled over with Quantum Of Solace, which was a bit of a shadow of the quite brilliant Casino Royale. So we’ve been intrigued to see just what Daniel Craig would get up to with his third James Bond adventure. After all, both Casino Royale and Quantum Of Solace were effectively two parts of the same story, so Bond 23 is the one where Daniel Craig is set to cut loose a little. Of course, given that he’ll be in the third film of his Bond tenure, the fears arise that he’ll fall into a similar mid-term rut that undercut the Pierce Brosnan Bond movies, but we’re nonetheless still quite hopeful for the next movie.

And we’re waiting for it, too. While there was only a two-year gap between Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, there’s going to be three between Quantum and the next movie. For Daniel Craig has revealed that the next Bond movie isn’t even due to go before the cameras until the end of 2010.

The news was broken at the excellent CommanderBond.net website, as it uncovered a video of Craig talking about a performance of the play that he’s currently starring in on Broadway. In response to a question shouted to him by a fan, Craig replied, “Uh, we start the end of next year…”

That would suggest that the Bond producers are looking for a November 2011 release date for the film, with an outside shot that it might by summer 2012. However, given that the Bond films traditionally sit closer to Christmas, winter 2011 is looking like the best bet right now.

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Here‘s the story at CommanderBond.