James Bond 25: Daniel Craig Departs TV Show for Filming

The long-planned TV adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's Purity lies in limbo following Daniel Craig's decision to play James Bond again...

More signs that James Bond 25 is heading towards production, with the news (via New York Times) that Daniel Craig is departing the Showtime television programme Purity, to which he’s been linked for well over a year.

Purity is an adaptation of the Jonathan Franzen novel of the same name, and a 20-hour television series has been on the cards for years. Daniel Craig was interested, production was set to begin as uncertainty over the next Bond project swirled (not least whether Craig would be involved), and things were looking ready to go.

However, we now know that James Bond 25 is set to start filming later this year, that it needs to hit an October release date in 2019 for UK cinemas, and that Danny Boyle is directing. As such, Craig is needed, and needed soon.

The collateral damage of this? The Purity TV show.

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Once Craig decided that he was going to give James Bond one more outing, he had to leave the production that his name had been attached to for a good year or two. The scripts are apparently written, and preproduction was underway. It remains to be seen if it comes back to life at a later date – with or without Daniel Craig…