Jackass 2.5 DVD review

Jackass two and a half? How does that make sense? Ben Sillis finds out...


Jackass is one of those programmes that causes a furore on release, then rumbles on for years with a die-hard fan base even after everyone else has lost interest – like South Park, although if there was meant to be any satire in the antics of a bunch of Californian skaters defecating on each other then it would never have been funny.

The second Jackass movie come out in 2006, but they filmed so much violent, filthy, stupid stuff there was enough good material left over for a second DVD – hence 2.5. Normally this would be as cynical as Ridley Scott re-cutting Blade Runner for the umpteenth time, but the sketch like vignettes and base level humour mean this is the type of film that can get away with it.

It hardly need saying that this is utterly depraved stuff: if you’ve never liked Jackass you’ll hate this, but if you are highbrow enough to admit that sometimes someone getting twatted in the family jewels with a golf club is funny, then this could be for you.

The inventiveness of director Jeff Tremaine (who has the look of someone who really should know better) and the Jackass idiots never ceases to amaze, even in this DVD extension. Wee Man tries to bull fight an angry calf as a mini-matador, Preston Lacy (the fat one) dresses up as a gorilla and re-enacts the finale of King Kong on top of a portaloo with model planes flying around and into him, and the Cajun Obstacle Course has to be seen to be believed.

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Part of the enjoyment comes from the team’s own infectious laughter. It’s so infantile, but Knoxville bending Wee Man, dressed as a baby, over his lap and trying to get him to fart, is hysterical because Knoxville knows how ridiculous it all is for two adults to be doing this. “This is between bros, OK?” he says as he pries the midget’s cheeks apart, before he doubles over laughing.

But even for the least squeamish viewers, it all gets a bit anal – which is probably what the editors of the actual movie thought when they were cutting them out. Most of the DVD simply involves scenes of objects being inserted into the guys’ rectums. Bam Margera flies a kite by tying it to some anal beads and sticking it up his rear end, Mike Judge (yes, of King of the Hill fame, with a look of regret) pumps air into Preston with a pair of bellows in an attempt to make him fart talcum powder, and Johnny Knoxville has his prostate examined by a Russian doctor at a sex museum. If this is likely to make you clutch your cheeks in horror or sympathy, this might be best avoided.

The big downside though is that the feature is only an hour long, even with the talking heads as filler, and the extras add little to it. The Making Of what is essentially a Making Of anyway feels like TV eating itself, and seems to be 2.5 simply re-edited. The Making of Jackass the Game is particularly uninteresting, as the whole reason that the show is funny is because people really are doing stuff that stupid. If you see this in the bargain bin pick it up, but at full price, paying for this could be almost as painful as some of these stunts.

3 out of 5


3 out of 5