Jack Roth on the Political Implications of Us and Them

At SXSW, we sat down with Jack Roth, star of Us and Them, to talk about the thriller.

Joseph Martin’s Us and Them opens at a posh country home somewhere in England. A young couple arrives to have dinner with the girl’s parents and things quickly go awry as our tale of class division and violent revolution begins. What starts as a home invasion, turns to a much bigger and more devious plan. 

Us and Them is a timely piece that centers around a group of misfits that take class warfare into their own hands. A magnetic performance by Jack Roth (son of Tim Roth) carries the film and may be a prelude to a long career and showcases a profound talent for future lead roles. His good intentions are marred by his sociopathic tendencies. Not necessarily likable, but someone we can’t stop watching. As things progress and their plans fall apart, the role becomes more nuanced and he comes to realize that he’s in too deep. His long, arresting monologues throughout the film keep us engaged. A rebel with a cause, but without a clear game-plan. The working-class fighting against the establishment is all that’s important.

With political statements abound, the film tries to say a lot about the state of the world and of its citizens, a place where the working class votes for Brexit or a Trump presidency. Roth stopped by the Den of Geek interview booth at SXSW to give us about his thoughts on the relevancy of the film in today’s political climate: