It’s the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Brave

The first teaser trailer has arrived for Pixar’s forthcoming fantasy, Brave. Take a look at it here…

As you may already know, Pixar’s latest movie, Cars 2, had the first teaser trailer for the studio’s next movie Brave attached to the front end. And with Pixar going a little sequel crazy of late, with Cars 2 and rumblings of a fourth Toy Story echoing around the Internet, it’s the fantasy feature Brave that we’re currently most intrigued by.

Formerly called The Bear And The Bow, it’ll be the first feature from Mark Andrews, who previously brought us the short film, One Man Band, and also worked on the storyboard art for the wonderful Iron Giant. It features the voices of a sterling cast of female actors, including Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson and Julie Walters, and as we saw in some of the early concept art and posters that have already emerged, it’s got an extremely distinctive colour palette and detailed style that marks something of a departure for Pixar.

The question is, then, how does it look in motion? Well, we’ll let you take a look at the trailer and make up your own minds. It certainly looks intriguing – and is it just us, or is there a vague aura of the Legend Of Zelda videogame series around this?