Is Men In Black III in trouble already?

The start of the film has been shot, but the middle and end of the movie hasn’t yet been fully written? It looks like there are significant problems for Men In Black III…

Men In Black

According to a new piece over at The Hollywood Reporter, all may not be well with Sony’s upcoming blockbuster, Men In Black III. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s a movie we’ve heard very few people asking for over the past few years, the article reports that the film is already hitting sizeable problems.

This ties back to Sony’s decision to greenlight the film and start shooting without a finished script n place. The last time we saw this happen on a major project was with the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels, and the story quagmire that resulted isn’t far from our minds. In the case of Men In Black III, Sony ordered filming to start last November, to take advantage of tax breaks in the New York state.

However, it did so with “only one act of the script set”, which accounts for the decision to shut down production towards the end of December, with the idea being to get it up and running again last month. That shooting break, however, has since been extended to the end of March, as writers battle to get the screenplay into some kind of working shape. David Koepp, says The Hollywood Reporter, is the latest scribe to be brought in, having done some work on the original film.

The film in total is set to cost over $200m just to make, and Sony is arguing that the cost savings from the tax break will easily compensate for the bill it’s running up trying to get its film into shape right now. The Hollywood Reporter does quote one “top executive at one production company” as saying “there isn’t any tax break that would convince me to do [what Sony did] – ever.”

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As things stand on the film, the first act of the movie has been shot. But now the production is up against the clock to come up with a script that will keep all involved happy. Note that this is a film that’s been gestating for years, hunting for a suitable screenplay. Now? They’ve got but weeks to sort out what hadn’t been resolved in many months beforehand.

The Reporter’s piece is a fascinating article that’s well worth checking out right here. And we’ll keep you posted as to how the project develops from here.

Films have survived trouble productions before, of course. But the odds do look increasingly stacked against Men In Black III

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