Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series 1 Blu-ray

The first series of Star Trek, the one that started it all, has enjoyed the high definition treatment…

Star Trek: The Original Series

And just how eagerly awaited has this been? We saw a HD DVD release of the Original Series of Star Trek , but there’s been no sign of a Blu-ray version. Until now.

The set features the 29 episodes that make up the maiden season of Star Trek, and they’re spread across seven high-capacity discs. And key to the new set is a brand new feature that lets you decide just how you want to watch them.

For you can now watch Star Trek: The Original Series in a re-mastered form, or you can choose to see the version as it was originally televised. Furthermore, the set includes remastered soundtracks, too (in 7.1 DTS-HD, no less), but once again, Paramount has included the original version if that’s what you prefer.

You can also switch between the enhanced visual effects of the remastered episodes, and the original effects that accompanied the show when it was first shown.

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The set is no slouch when it comes to special features, either. By chooseing the Starfleet Access option, you’ll be able to watch episodes with the option of a pop-up trivia track and picture-in-picture video commentaries too. You can also enjoy an interactive tour of the Enterprise, as well as on-set home movie footage, and a good deal more.

The set is available now, priced at £69.99, and you can follow our episode-by-episode breakdown of it over the coming weeks at Den Of Geek.